Bees-Knees Leaders (About Us)


Barry's love for bees and beekeeping started early in the 1960's when his father, who had previously kept bees, was asked to remove a swarm of bees.  This swarm was the beginning of a lifelong passion for bees with Barry and his brother starting a beekeeping business. 

Barry later sold his half of the business to his brother and studied to become an engineer.  The passion for bees and beekeeping never left Barry while he crafted his skills and trade as an Industrial and Manufacturing engineer. He built a successful engineering business spanning a career of 40 years until he sold the business.

Barry's skills as an avid beekeeper and fascination for bees and their world, particularly, their intricate social and communal ability to work together, ingenuity to construct honeycomb, making wax and collecting nectar to make honey remained at the forefront of Barry's specialist skills and trade as an engineer allowing him to be creative and innovatively think outside the box.

After selling his engineering business, Barry's "buzz" for bees and beekeeping was reignited again when Barry purchased his first box of bees in November 2015.  Barry has since outgrown his first box of bees and now manages 60 hives, continuing to expand the hives as head beekeeper.

As head beekeeper, in managing the hives and bees, Barry remains at the forefront of beekeeping management striving to challenge and create innovative management in beekeeping as well as educating the wider community.


The passion for bees and beekeeping has also brushed off Barry and onto Michelle. The bond between Barry and Michelle as father and daughter has always been special and through that special bonding, Michelle's love for bees and honey started.

After 20 years as a Legal Secretary and typist including juggling family life of being Mum for her two young children, Michelle loves the creative freedom in marketing new ideas and products for the business and the interaction with her customers and clients about all things bees and honey.

Michelle’s creative flare and multitasking puts her at the forefront of sales, marketing and being the spokesperson and face of the business to customers and clients.  Michelle takes great pride in sharing her beekeeping knowledge about bees and honey that she acquires when beekeeping with Barry.


Michelle and Barry

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