Clover (Trifolium) is perennial legume growing mainly in spring, summer and autumn.

Clover benefits farmers as feeding stock for animals like cattle as they are high source of nutrition. They are also good for the soil as they put high levels of nitrogen back into the soil.

Clovers are most efficiently pollinated by bees and beekeepers are sought after by farmers with clover pastures. Farmers reap the benefits of increased reseeding that occurs with increased bee activity, which means that future clover yields remain abundant.

Beekeepers benefit from the clover bloom, as clover is one of the main nectar sources for honeybees producing clover honey. Clover honey generally has a mild, slightly floral flavour.

Clovers will grow mainly on lawns and are considered to be weeds and some gardeners endeavour to destroy them.

Given that they provide a good food source for bees and enriches the soil, clovers should be left in your gardens and lawns and not destroyed.