SAMPLER - Honey gift box

SAMPLER - Honey gift box

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SAMPLER - Honey Gift Box

A sample of 6 of our favourite honeys for the discerning honey connoisseur. 

There are lots of varieties of beautiful Australian honeys to choose from, all of them with a unique taste and colour.  The colour and the taste of the honey differs naturally for each hive depending on the location and flowers or nectar source available for the bees.

Honey is seasonal and every season can differ according to temperature, rainfall, weather patterns and whatever else Mother Nature can bring. Commercial beekeepers regularly move large numbers of hives during a season to pollinate crops, avoid pesticide applications or to gather specific honey flows. 

Apiaries 8 has its own hives, but also purchases honey from beekeepers all over Australia so we can bring different varietals to you that you won't find on your supermarket shelf. Apiaries 8 only promotes raw, natural and 100% pure Australian honey.

Buy a sampler gift box today and Taste the Difference!


Honey gift box contains: 150g Yapunyah, 150g Toohey Forest, 150g Ironbark, 150g Yellow Box, 150g River Red Gum, 150g Tea Tree.

Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 6cm

Weight: 1.1kg