Uses for Natural Raw Honey

Honey is definitely more than just a simple sugar because it's rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  This healthy natural sweetener, offers many nutritional benefits without the man-made chemicals that compromise other types of sweeteners.  Although, nutrition facts can vary slightly based on the floral variety, they usually are very similar.

  • Honey is twice as sweet as sugar so you only need to use half as much

  • Use in marinades, sauces or salad dressings

  • Use natural raw honey on pancakes instead of maple syrup

  • Substitute honey for sugar in baking (see tips)

  • Replace your sugar with honey to sweeten tea and coffee

  • Add to a glass of warm milk before bedtime for a peaceful night's sleep

  • Add honey in the comb to cheese platters

  • Add to smoothies for a sweet kick

  • Drizzle over vanilla icecream and add sprinkles or healthy nuts for a great treat for the kids (or yourself!)

  • Add honey and lemon or lime to a hot cup of tea to assist with relief from cold and flu symptoms