Powderpuff Lillypilly

Powderpuff Lillypilly (Syzygium wilsonii) is a small shrub growing to 1-3m tall. They produce attractive red powderpuff flowers and foliage with clusters of edible fruit.

It is also known as the weeping lillypilly as it has weeping branches and is the only one of the lillypillies to have red flowers. The red flowers produce large, fluffy heads and flower from spring to summer.

The plant can be easily propagated from seed once the flesh of the fruit has been removed.

If you are looking to plant this in your garden, plant them in a shaded or sheltered position away from drying winds and full sun. They are ideal to plant as a shrub in a raised garden beds or against a wall.

They respond well to regular tip pruning increasing the number of flowers.

The flowers attract various wildlife such as birds and honey bees.