Blue Flax Lily

Blue flax lily (Dianella) is a hardy perennial native which grows in full sun and well drained soil up to a height of 1m and a width of 2.5m.

It can tolerate damp conditions (prefers dry) and can be cultivated as a garden ornamental for its attractive foliage and striking blue/purple berries.

Flower can range in colour from pale blue through to deep blue/purple, are roughly 1 to 2cm wide with 6 petals with 6 exserted yellow to brown stamens. The flower spike arises from the plant base with flowers in terminal clusters on a branched central stalk. The stiff leaves are strap-like, long and narrow sometimes with a waxy bloom on the under surface.

Blue star shaped flowers produced on long stems in spring followed by attractive purple berries. The fruit is edible.

The species name of Dianella comes from the Roman goddess, Diana, the goddess of hunting and queen of the woods.

Bees including native bees are attracted to the blue star shaped flowers.