Beeswax Wraps / Plastic Wrap Alternative

You can make your own sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic wrap by using beeswax and cotton. When the beeswax is applied to the cotton, the cotton is no longer breathable which is why it is a great alternative to plastic wrap.

A carrier oil can also be added in small quantities to assist with flexibility of your beeswax wrap. Jojoba oil is plant based and will not oxidise or go rancid like other oils such as olive oil. Jojoba oil is also hypoallergenic, a natural antioxidant, has antibacterial properties, non-greasy and odourless.

You can use your beeswax wrap up to 1 year, even when used multiple times per week. A great zero-waste product for packing snacks for lunch boxes or take on a picnic. Once you’ve finished with your food, wash your wraps with cold soapy water, let them drip dry and they are ready to use again. Beeswax wraps aren’t suitable for storing raw meat or fish and aren’t suitable for the oven or microwave.

Simply using the warmth of your hands, your beeswax wrap will soften as you form the wrap over your food or bowl to create an air-tight seal.

Beeswax Wrap     Plastic wrap alternative